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Art competitions you can be just in time to participate in 2019

For the beginning artists, art competitions are the best way to not only gain exposure and publicity, but to also attain financial stability by winning prize money. There are numerous kinds of art competitions, ranging from regional competitions to world-renowned art competitions where famous artists come as judges as well. Let’s go through the range of competitions you can still participate in 2019, from digital art challenges to reputed art competitions in major cities.
Art competitions you can be just in time to participate in 2019

CGTrader Digital Art Competition

• Prizes — A total of $60,00 worth of various prizes available for the winners of the competition
• Entry Fee — Free
• Eligibility — Open to only CG artists globally.
• Deadline — 30th September, 2019

Art competitions you can be just in time to participate in 2019
CGTrader is an online marketplace that is well-renowned for providing 3D models that are used for computer graphics, virtual reality, and computer games. This year, they’re calling CG artists (both 3D and 2D) from all around the world to take part in their digital art competition to explore the vast potential that CG possesses.

Categories, Prizes, and More — The competition consists of 6 categories for the submissions, namely: object design, concept art, environmental concept art, environment illustration, character illustration, and object concept design. Winners of each category can get their hands on exciting prizes such as a GT-221 PRO Pen Tablet Monitor ($1,150), as well as several graphic software licenses. Each participant is allowed to submit a total of 6 entries maximum.

NordArt International Exhibition of Visual Arts

• Prizes — Works will be displayed at NordArt and a winner prize cash of €10,000.
• Entry Fee — No entry fee required.
• Eligibility — No requirements, the competition is open to artists globally.
• Date — 1st June to 6th October, 2019.
Art competitions you can be just in time to participate in 2019
The NordArt in Europe is one of the most renowned establishments for contemporary art and culture where visitors, curators, artists, etc. visit to feast their eyes on some of the best contemporary art pieces in Europe. An internationally established avenue, the NordArt strives for building a mutual understanding amongst people through art and its beautiful language. Every year, they organize the NordArt Prize where several participants are called upon to show their masterpieces and build a personal network with other artists from different parts of the world. The winner is awarded with 10,000 Euro and thanks to the visitors, a Public Choice Award is given as well, where the visitors choose their favorite artist.

Rules — The participants must submit their work in mediums such as installations, paintings or sculptures. Three winners are usually selected for the Public Choice Award where each of winners are awarded with a thousand Euros. The chic atmosphere and the prestigious platform of this competition allows artists to gather a lot of knowledge about contemporary art and to also create their own identity amongst the community. 10 artists are selected to attend the NordArt Symposium where they can create their work.

Progressive Young Artists Awards

• Prizes — Three scholarships worth $1,000 each are awarded to the 3 winners of the competition.
• Eligibility — The competition is only available for high school as well as college students all over the world.
• Entry Fee — $5
Art competitions you can be just in time to participate in 2019
If you’re a high school or a college student and you are struggling to find the right avenue to showcase your artistic skills, fret no more. The Progressive Young Artists Award arranged by is a wonderful platform for students to submit their artwork and gain popularity and recognition early on. This competition mainly focuses on progressive art and themes to encourage the culture of positive changes and to instill positivity amongst students.

Why PYAA? — The PYAA is truly a wonderful initiative that discusses progressive ideas and through its art competition, it provides an established platform where topics such as gender rights, equal rights, the LGBTQ Community, personal progression, and sustainability can be discusses amongst the younger generation to shape a better tomorrow for our world.

Hida Takayama Contemporary Woodblock

• Prizes — 1st prize of 500,000 yen, 2nd prize of 300,000 yen, and 3rd prize of 200,000 yen
• Deadline — 31st October, 2019
• Eligibility — No restrictions, this competition is available for the general public.
• Entry Fee — 2,000 yen for each artwork on the second screening, once an applicant passes the initial screening which is free of cost.
Art competitions you can be just in time to participate in 2019
The Takayama City of Japan is not a quintessential city, even though it is highly modernized and advanced in its nature. Takayama is a city surrounded by forests and flora
Exquisite still-lifes and marvelous plants on canvases: flowers do not only beautify the appearance, but also open secret meanings, and convey messages to the attentive researcher. Leafing through captivating Herbarium, we're examining enigmatic garden of flower symbols.

Read more
, and because of this, the city has developed a unique culture for a dignified form of art known as woodblock printing. This kind of art has resonated amongst the residents for a long time and is popularly known as Hida Woodblock Printing. Now, Takayama City wants to extend its heritage by promoting this woodblock printing culture on a global scale, and to do so, they’re organizing a prestigious art competition in 2020. International as well as domestic artists are cordially invited by the Hida Takayama International Contemporary Woodblock Prints Triennial to exhibit their skills, talents, and beautiful artworks.

Rules — In order to successfully participate in this competition, applicants must abide by the following rules as set by the organizers: —
• The main element of any artwork submitted has to involve woodblock printing.
• All entries must be made within October 1st to 31st, 2019.
• Each applicant is allowed to submit up to 2 artworks made by them.
• Digital printing of any kind will not be accepted; only the woodblock-prints of 2018 or later will be accepted for the competition.
• Maximum paper size for each artwork is 90 cm x 90 cm.
• Any artwork of an artist which was or has been submitted to any other competition will not be eligible for the competition.

ArtPrize Competition

• Prizes — A total cash fund of $500,000 is allotted for the winners along with $200,000 for 2 grand prize winners.
• Eligibility — This competition is available for artists all over the world who are 18 years and above in age.
• Entry Fee — $50 for an individual artist, $100 for a group.
Art competitions you can be just in time to participate in 2019
If you’re confident about your skills and talent in art, no matter what medium, and you want to enter the big leagues, then this is it, Art Prize 2020. Deemed as the largest art competition in the world, the ArtPrize, organized by is a large scale international art competition that accepts artists working in any medium and brings them to a huge platform where they can create a serious identity and showcase everything they have to offer. However, there are 2 sides to every coin. Though this competition is deemed as magnificent, some critics also state that it is disappointing in terms of producing good art and works. Nonetheless, ArtPrize doesn’t fail to deliver when it comes to competitiveness and prizes. ArtPrize 2020 has been announced to be a biennial competition, consisting of a "Project" series that will include city-wide art commissions. Project 1 begins on September 7th, 2019.

Regulations— Project 1 will be held in Grand Rapids, Michigan where the organizers will select five winning artists to create installations, performances, sculptures, community-oriented projects, and urban interventions throughout the city.

Arte Laguna Prize

• Prizes — €7,000 institutional prizes for every category, artist residencies in Spain, Italy, Belgium, Taiwan, and many more. Winners will also be offered to collaborate with artistic or business projects, and opportunities to exhibit their works in numerous festivals.
• Eligibility — No restrictions, this competition is available for artists worldwide.
• Entry Fee — Starts at €65 for each artwork.
Art competitions you can be just in time to participate in 2019
The Arte Laguna Prize is a prestigious international art competition that is dedicated to visual arts and strives to promote and support artists as well as their careers. This prize has existed since the past 13 years, collecting thousands of applications from artists globally who are selected by an esteemed jury and exhibited all across the world.

Rules — The various categories for this competition are painting, installations, virtual art, sculpture, digital graphics, photographic art, video art, urban art, performance, short films, design, and land art. As you can see, the Arte Laguna is open to almost all artists in the world, thanks to its wide array of available categories.

Salt Spring National Art Prize

• Prizes — First prize winner will be awarded $15,000 with a residency, Juror’s Choice winners will be given $3,000 each, and People’s Choice winners will be given $1,000 to $3,000 each.
• Eligibility — This competition is only available for Canadian artists who are 18 years or above in age.
• Deadline — 30th September, 2019
• Entry Fee — $30
Art competitions you can be just in time to participate in 2019
The Salt Spring National Art Prize is yet another renowned Canadian art competition, which is a biennial one, organized by the esteemed Salt Springs Art Council. This organization actively represents the artworks for Salt Spring Island which is quite popularly known as the premium art community of Canada. The beauty of this art competition lies in the fact that it is open to a variety of mediums and categories, including varieties of visual art (both 2D and 3D in any kind of medium).

Rules — 50 finalists from all the entries will be selected through a strict judging process, where the organizers will judge the artworks based on creativity, originality, quality, and integrity. These finalists will not only win various cash prizes and awards, but will also have the opportunity to exhibit their work in popular exhibition on Salt Spring Island, which runs for almost a month.

Marshwood Arts Awards

• Prizes — Prize Fund: £1000+ (Prizes to be confirmed).
• Eligibility — UK and International artists/makers' (able to have chosen work delivered to Bridport).
• Deadline — 30th September, 2019
• Exhibition: Bridport Arts Centre, Dorset 9 Nov — 7 Dec
• Website:

Art competitions you can be just in time to participate in 2019
Marshwood Arts Awards: this biennial exhibition in the South West of England launched over 10 years ago selects 17 artists and makers across 4 creative categories — Painting & Drawing, Sculpture, Photography & Digital Media, Applied Arts
Do not miss your chance and remember that art competitions are the best avenues for you to show your masterpieces, through which you can finally break the ice and gain the exposure you want so badly. At art competitions, you can also build your contacts, meet new people, prospective buyers who might buy your pieces, and all this can pose to be a great starting step towards a successful business you can build with your art. Art competitions can also be a great way for you to earn money through the allotted prize amounts, so start displaying your art at art competitions as soon as possible.
Written by Shilpi Roy, MavenArt