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Leonidovna Yaroslavtseva

Russia • born in 1983 • artist
Artist in social media

Biography and information

Hello! My name is Olga Yaroslavtseva, I am an artist. She was born in the Oryol region. Since childhood, I love to draw and already in the 10th grade, in all seriousness, I realized that I wanted to be an artist. I planned to enter the Oryol Art School, but after grade 11 I had to move to Lipetsk. Where she studied at the Department of Artistic Engineering and Design, LSTU. During the training, they painted a temple in Lipetsk. In 2005 she defended her diploma in painting the temple. After graduation, she took part in the painting of a temple in Kazakhstan. She worked as an interior designer and was engaged in interior painting. After that, she organized an icon painting workshop. Published in a collection of contemporary icon painters. At the same time she was engaged in painting. In 2017, she went to live in the USA for two years. She traveled a lot around America and painted from life. In 2019, she held a solo exhibition in St. Louis, Missouri. I regularly take part in art exhibitions. Works are in private collections and Orthodox churches in Russia, Kazakhstan, USA, Italy.