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We pray to you, Mary

Painting, 1891, 113×87 cm

Description of the artwork «We pray to you, Mary»

In March, 1892 Paul Gauguin in a letter to a friend describes a picture he recently finished: "An angel with yellow wings reveals Mary and Jesus, two Tahitian women, naked except for a pair of lengths of cotton cloth with a floral pattern wrapped around the waist. In the background is very dark, gloomy mountains and flowering trees. Dark purple trail and emerald-green foreground with bananas on the left. I'm quite happy with this". The artist called the painting "Ia Orana Maria"(translated from the Tahitian "We pray you, Maria"), and to some extent it was the epitome of timeless passion, Gauguin to everything exotic.

The artist already accustomed to takes Bible stories in an unusual realities only now the Breton peasants changed dark of Tahitian Topless. When, in 1893, Gauguin presented this painting at the exhibition in Paris, she made a lot of noise. Even for the sophisticated Parisian public was, to put it mildly, unusually dark-skinned virgin Mary in a colorful pareo and a naked infant Jesus seated on her shoulder, not peacefully resting on his hands. What can we say about "Magi", which Gauguin had painted half-naked women. Work, however, has found a buyer – she bought for two thousand francs a collector Michelle Manzi.

Short period of living in Paris became for Gauguin is not the best. He desperately struggled back to his island Paradise, well with the understanding that this place was not and never will be what was in his mind and on his canvases. But in France the artist again and again writes a colorful Tahitian landscape and the dark-skinned Maori of the body. In 1894 he again turns to the theme of the painting "Ia Orana Maria" by creating amazing watercolor with the same name, only depicting Mary and the baby under the protection of ghostly wings.

Author: Eugene Sidelnikov
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About the artwork

Branch of art: Painting

Subject and objects: Still life, Nude

Style of art: Post-Impressionism

Technique: Oil

Materials: Canvas

Дата создания: 1891

Size: 113×87 cm

Работа в подборках: 16 selections

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