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Breakfast or Dining room

Painting, 1887, 89×115 cm

Description of the artwork «Breakfast or Dining room»

"Breakfast"Paul Signac – a kind of oath of allegiance to neo-impressionism. "Neo-begins to paint the canvas, without specifying the composition"– said the artist. On this picture he worked for a long time, wrote many sketches and composition was specified" carefully. The picture was shown at the third exhibition of the independent Salon, and she called a very cool reception. Signac criticized the fact that he portrayed, instead of people "painted surface".

The artist wrote of his grandfather, mother and maid. In his portraits do not meet carefully drawn. However, in this case, the Signac masterfully showed psychological characteristics of the characters, detailing not portraits as such. In the posture of a man at the head of the table, his strong profile, compressed in a fist, felt the hands of authority, the habit of subordination of others, perhaps tyranny. It is not fit to be cast in bronze! The woman's face is indistinguishable, the only thing we can be sure that her eyes downcast. Her figure expresses humility, obedience, even timidity, perhaps. Despite the fact that they sit apart not so far, it seems like they are separated by great distance. He is on the front line, she is somewhere in the backyard.

On one of preliminary versions it was not the figure of a maid, her Signac included in the process of working on a painting. Unlike the main characters, the maid impersonal, her character is nothing we really can not say, she is depicted rather as a function, not as a person. In particular, one of its tasks is to further divide the figures seated at the table, to increase the gap between them. The figure of the maid – roll Signac Georges Seurat, her pose mirrors the pose of the lady in the foreground in the picture "Sunday afternoon on the island of La Grande Jatte". Sulfur in those years was to Signac the undisputed leader, and "Sunday afternoon" created a furor, so it is clearly not about agreement, but about the dialogue.

Alienation is perhaps the main quality that characterizes the relationship between the objects in the painting Signac. And it's not just about people, objects on the table – and they separated. Carafe, sugar bowl, plates, Cup, a rolled-up napkin will not join in the ensemble, not related, but are separate from each other.

Puantilistskie manner often created the effect of suspended time. Takes place the phenomenon in this case. Even the Cup that brings to his mouth is a woman, not promises further movement is stopped immediately, and the exit is not provided.

Let's not forget that neoimpressionist appeared out of nowhere, and as a reaction to the Impressionists, whose "Breakfast" – one of my favorite topics. Remember the "Breakfast on the grass" Edouard Manetand Claude Monet, "Luncheon of the boating party" by Renoir and many other variations on this theme.

Painting Signac radically different from anticipating her "Breakfast". Here a completely different "menu": there is no brightness, lightness, conviviality impressionistic Breakfast. In contrast, a static, clearly structured painting is quite painful, depressing impression, impressionistic joy and transience we're not going to find it.

Author: Alain Esaulova
from 1450 rub
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About the artwork

Art form: Painting

Subject and objects: Genre scene

Style of art: Pointillism

Technique: Oil

Materials: Canvas

Date of creation: 1887

Size: 89×115 cm

Artwork in selections: 19 selections

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