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Coat. Portrait Of Elena Forman

Painting, 1638, 176×83 cm

Description of the artwork «Coat. Portrait Of Elena Forman»

In 2015, the Museum of art history in Vienna the exhibition of where was exhibited only one portrait "Coat" By Peter Paul Rubens. Painting to enlighten the x-rays and saw a completely different background, which was later rewritten by the artist himself. But the picture is worthy of a separate exhibition, even if inquisitive scientists found that there are no secrets except the obvious – is the work of a passionate lover and admiring admiringly of the artist.

Elena Forman was 16 when she married 53-year-old Rubens, diplomat, nobleman Spanish and Flemish at the same time, the most famous artist of the country. She was the daughter of a merchant of carpets and tapestries, but her family had 10 children, it did not give a large dowry, but she was young and beautiful. The goddesses, the graces and the nymphs of Rubens, until now only predicted by an image of Elena, giving all these mythical women have not yet met features. Now this image got the living embodiment of the gentle, virtuous, shining.

Elena appears in the life of Rubens at the time when he has already learned how to write women. In his Nudes there is no vulgarity and calling, the women Shine a light thin skin, through which glow bluish veins. Looking at one of his naked beauties, admiring Guido Reni once said that, must be the Flemish mixes real blood in their ink so imaged body full of life.

Rubens was bad, he was in a hurry to get married that sent the Archduchess Isabella's request to hold a wedding ceremony in the Catholic post. Peter Paul will write to a friend: "I took a young wife, the daughter of honest citizens, though me from all sides tried to convince to make a choice at the court; but I was afraid normal for the nobility of bad traits – pride, especially strong female. I wanted to have a wife who would not blush, seeing that I take a brush". He's not just refusing to seek his fortune at court, he left forever using his inexplicable ability to remain a pet of kings, and making them their own conditions of life and work. He leaves the diplomatic service, settled in a country castle, a young wife loaded with presents of jewels and finery, and endlessly writing her portraits.

"Coat" - the intimate and playful, Rubens wrote it for fun and bequeathed after his death to Elena. First, he writes half-length portrait in which he is swapping the bow to the side Titian's "Girl in a fur Cape". Then he adds to the main Board one more – and delivers myself happy to write Elena at full height.

Elena Forman was recognized beauty, and Rubens too educated and wise husband to lock up his young wife within the walls of a country house. He writes her generous and insistent in the image of Venus painting "The Judgment Of Paris"in the way of Beersheba and one of the "The three graces". He is without doubt arguing with the customer, among other things, the king of Spain, when the latter suddenly seem too provocative nudity of goddesses in the "judgment of Paris". Rubens is confident is the best that is in his picture. As Elena Forman – the best thing in his life.

Author: Anna Sidelnikova
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About the artwork

Art form: Painting

Subject and objects: Portrait

Style of art: Baroque

Technique: Oil

Materials: Wood

Date of creation: 1638

Size: 176×83 cm

Artwork in selections: 27 selections

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