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Auguste Renoir painted portraits of his lovers, friends and relatives more often than any other impressionist artist. If you exclude custom-made portraits from his gallery, there will be a very atmospheric and characteristic selection in the format of an active Instagram user: the surrounding landscapes, laid-back portraits of his wife, playing and painting children, travel experiences and friendly parties.

Renoir’s “posts” we allowed ourselves to quote from his letters and memoirs of his son Jean. Most often they will be mentioned Aline Sharigo - This is the wife of Renoir, who has repeatedly posed for him. Gabriel- Cousin Alin, a devoted assistant and model of the artist, as well as the nanny of the children of Renoir and Alin. The couple has three sons- Pierre, Jean and Claude (Coco).

The paintings used in the "posts" of Renoir:

Title illustration: Auguste Renoir. Gabriel, Jean and the Girl, 1895

Authors: Anna Sidelnikova, Nikolai Skorobogatko
This text was originally published in Russian and automatically translated to English.