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Ball at the Moulin de La Galette

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1876, 175×131 cm • Oil, Canvas

Description of the artwork «Ball at the Moulin de La Galette»

One day in early summer Renoir made a sketch of the ball in the pub "Moulin de La Galette" in Montmartre. This idea gave him no rest: to have a big plein air in the forest, among the motionless trees and the river, and in the midst of a crowded celebration. To do this, the artist settled in Montmartre for the summer quickly became a local celebrity, although the place was not the most calm and trustworthy. The kids are often born without marriage, and while mother worked and my grandmother looked after the farm, the kids were left to themselves, went unwashed and hungry. Renoir was daily distributed to them the biscuits, milk and handkerchiefs and genuinely worried about abandoned babies: what if a fire starts or the cat will fit in the cradle? He did not think of the morality of the girls neighbors, and the habit of admiring their beauty, sparkling eyes and youthful skin, gathered in a sloppy bun with hair and sincere smile.

A project for shy Renoir looked desperate to find a dozen sitters to be on a huge canvas right next to the dancing couples and to repeat this trick daily. But surprisingly easy developed for male characters agreed to pose for fellow artists, and to attract the local girls Lenoir invented his own method. He was acquainted with the mother of the young beauty asked permission to write to the daughter and offered a fee for this work. Over the fact that Montmartre mother came to him themselves and asked to write their daughters Nudes was rife.

Every day throughout the summer of 1876 someone from the friends helped the artist to make a huge canvas to dance floor "Moulin de La Galette" and the work begins. The fantastic effect of sunlight filtering through the leaves of the acacia trees that Renoir was able to pass on the moving figures, criticism is not appreciated. At the third impressionist exhibition, where the picture first appeared before the audience, it simply did not pay attention. Madame Renoir, the artist's mother said to him one day that it will take 50 years before people will begin to understand his painting. Actually it's 20, while from the personal collection Gustave Caillebotte the painting was moved to the Museum of the Luxembourg gardens, and 53 until it was moved finally to the Louvre.

More than a century will be held after the summer of Montmartre by Renoir and a reduced copy his painting "ball at the Moulin de La Galette" go with the Sotheby's auction for 78 million dollars. Madame Renoir was a wise woman who knew little of art and a people.

More facts about App the mill and the painting of Renoir.

Author: Anna Sidelnikova
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About the artwork
Subject and objects: Genre scene
Style of art and technique: Impressionism, Oil

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