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Still life with bouquet

Painting, 1871, 73.7×59.8 cm

Description of the artwork «Still life with bouquet»

"If I sold only good pictures, I'd starve to death" joked Renoir. Still lifes, he wrote in order to survive. They sold well and created very easily. Renoir was resting, throwing freshly picked flowers as others are resting, dancing or drinking wine. But this still life special. It's still life-initiation, still life-recognition. Edouard Manet.

First reminiscence: engraving. In the background renourish of still life, engraving to the painting, which now little who knows. In the XIX century it was considered a work Velasquez and she was in the Louvre together with other Spanish masterpieces trapped in a Museum halls as Napoleonic war booty. Manet was in awe of Spain and Velazquez, he painted dozens of paintings inspired by Spanish motifs Spanish costumes, composition, and motives of Spanish artists. Now the canvas is attributed to son-in-law of Velasquez Juan Batista martínez del Maso or just the Madrid school. But the engraving that was inside "Still life with bouquet and fan" definitely did Edouard Manet.

Reminiscence two: flowers. If it were not for the engravings, and all other roll-call could be considered a slightly far-fetched, but Renoir himself legitimized further exploration of allusions. The flowers on the controversial painting by Edouard Manet Olympia too large, critics did not fail to reproach the artist in the proportions that are off. But it is impossible not to notice: it is the semantic center of the picture, which turns an ordinary image of a naked female nature at the very unambiguous story: the bouquet somewhere in the living room, on the threshold of the door, the man who's about to have to take Olympia Nude Olympia. This bouquet certainly remembers everything: criticism, bristling with poisonous accusations of impropriety, and the young Impressionists, Manet who called his teacher. Bouquet still life Renoir was collected according to your taste, but wrapped it exactly the same as "Olympia", a dense white paper.

Reminiscence third fan and books. Japan became for the French, no less a revelation and artistic turmoil than Spain. Composition, color findings, drawing Japanese prints – all of it literally sprouted in impressionism. Monet, van Gogh, Cezanne and of course Renoir bought stacks of Oriental landscapes in art shops, hung them on the walls, absorbed and studied. "I'm sure the Japanese landscapes better than others. Only one thing: the Japanese artists managed to find the hidden treasure"- admired Renoir many years later. This Japanese-fan explanation could be, if not for the books and if not already specified the need to look for a Manet. In every detail. And mana is back. Two years before Renoir undertook to collect all these iconic things on the same painting, Manet writes portrait of Emile Zola behind a Desk. Certainly Renoir saw it and grabbed out a memory a couple of books and Japanese motifs. Anyway, it could be.

Author: Anna Sidelnikova
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About the artwork

Art form: Painting

Subject and objects: Still life

Style of art: Impressionism

Technique: Oil

Materials: Canvas

Date of creation: 1871

Size: 73.7×59.8 cm

Artwork in selections: 30 selections