The Royal Library of Belgium

Boulevard de l'empereur 4, Brussels, Belgium
With more than 7 million documents, the Royal Library of Belgium constitutes the literary and academic memory of the country. Because it is a reference library, it does not lend books; they must be read at the library itself.

The Royal Library of Belgium is a federal academic organisation that falls under the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office (BELSPO).

The Royal Library of Belgium is the national scientific library. It collects all Belgian publications and plays an essential role in safeguarding the historical, scientific, academic and literary memory of the country. The fundamental mission of this institution is to provide scientific information as well as to acquire, preserve, manage and put to good use an important and extensive contemporary and historical cultural heritage.

The Royal Library aims to continue down the path of modernisation while opening up to the general public, without detracting from its primary mission and its normal research activities. It wants to strengthen its position in the library landscape, establish itself as a modern organisation and a credible partner, and respond even better to new technological developments and the rapidly changing social and political context.