The Museum of AZ

Second Tverskaya-Yamskaya street, house 22, Moscow
The AZ Museum is a private museum of the Russian artist Anatoly Timofeevich Zverev. Formally, Zverev was close to the direction of "non-conformism." The legacy of Anatoly Zverev totals tens of thousands of works.

The AZ Museum was founded in 2013.
The collection of the AZ Museum was based on works from the collection of George Kostaki (a gift from Alika Kostaki), the collection of Alexander Rumnev and the Gabrichevsky family, a private collection of Natalia Opaleva.

To date, in the collections of the Museum AZ there are more than 1,500 works by Anatoly Zverev and artists of his circle. The Museum collection contains archival documents related to the life and work of Anatoly Zverev. The museum’s collection is constantly updated with new works that are undergoing serious artistic selection.

Museum site AZ.