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Smolensk state United historical and architectural and art Museum-reserve

street communistic, d. 4, Smolensk
Smolensk State Museum-Reserve was founded in 1888 and is one of the largest museum associations in Russia.

It consists of 14 museums, which are located in unique buildings - architectural monuments of the 17th - early 20th centuries, as well as in former estates of prominent Smolensk: the famous philanthropist Princess M.K. Tenisheva, composer M.I. Glinka, traveler N.M. Przhevalsky, poet A.T. Twardowski.

Over 600 thousand objects are concentrated in the museum’s collection: collections on archeology, ethnography, collections of Russian and Western European paintings, and decorative and applied art are stored here.

Up to 40 new exhibitions open annually at the Smolensk Museum-Reserve; the most diverse forms of work with visitors are used: folklore theatrical holidays, costume events, games, contests, interactive classes, tea parties, performances and concerts, master classes, events.

Source: Museum site.