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State Historical Museum

Red square, 1, Moscow
State Historical Museum is the largest national museum of Russia. Its collections have been forming for more than 100 years and now contain over 4.5 million items. Architect Vladimir Sherwood and engineer Anatoly Semenov created the building of the museum on Red Square. It was opened for visitors in June 1883 during the celebrations of Emperor Alexander III coronation. The exposition starts in a majestic Ceremonial Entrance Hall (Paradnye seny) with “The Genealogical Tree of Russian Rulers” painted on the vaults. The first halls (1–7) introduce ancient history: the development of human civilization in Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages. Exhibits of the following seven halls (8–14) illustrate the epoch of Old Russian state. Archaeological artifacts, written and pictorial monuments, manuscripts, icons tell us about the momentous events in the history of Russia: adoption of Christianity, feudal division, fighting against foreign invaders. The exposition of 15–21 halls is devoted to the theme of the centralized state formation, expansion of its borders. The halls of the second floor (22–35) show us the great history of Russian Empire in the 18th–20th centuries.

Source: shm.ru