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Contemporary Art Gallery ARTIS GALLERY

ARTIS GALLERY is presented at Winzavod, the center of contemporary art in Moscow, since 2017. The Gallery sets its main mission as supporting young Russian artists from all over the country, promoting their works not only in Russia but also abroad.

Nowadays the Gallery involves more than 40 artists whose paintings, installations belong to different genres and directions such as pop art, expressionism, abstract art, digital art. Most ARTIS artists are under 35, however, there is no age limit. Once artist becomes part of ARTIS Gallery, he or she receives support for the future creativity and development.

The works of ARTIS Gallery artists now are owned by private collectors in different countries.

One of the key facts about the Gallery is the location. Winzavod is a public area where professional creativity is generated on the daily basis and represented also. It will not be hyperbolic to say that Winzavod is the heartbeat of art Moscow. There ARTIS has its exhibition space where the Gallery organizes exhibitions and events for public not less than 10 times a year.