Tyumen Regional Museum of Local Lore. AND I. Slovtsova

st. Sovetskaya, 63, Tyumen
The building of the Museum complex named after Ivan Yakovlevich Slovtsov is one of the largest museums in the Tyumen region. The new museum complex is located on 29,000 square meters, the museum funds - more than 390,000 items.

There are dozens of museum collections in the storage facility. Unique works of Russian painters: “In the Waves”, “Yalta”, “Fleet in the View of Sevastopol” I.K. Aivazovsky, “Ceremonial Portrait of Emperor Alexander II”, “Portrait of the Artist I.I. Brodsky "brushes I.E. Repin, “Forest Landscape” I.I. Shishkin. A collection of Russian and Western European sculptures, in which the works of M.M. Antokolsky, Marchetti, Lansere.

A diverse collection of arts and crafts, which presents Russian and West European porcelain of the 19th century, samples of traditional crafts: Zhostovo trays, Pavlovsky posad shawls, Palekh caskets.

A collection of icons, which presents temple, house, folk icons, including images of local saints.