Nikolayevich Starodubov

Russia • Saint Petersburg • born in 1983 • artist
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Biography and information

Born in 1983 in Leningrad.
As the son of an artist, he studied at art school. But for a long time abandoned art.
He graduated from ITMO '06 (Computer software).
Over time, the visual demand increased. Received a diploma in SPSUTD'17 (Applied informatics in design). I looked at photography, 3D modeling, academic drawing and digital drawing courses.
Now I master various drawing techniques and materials ...

2016. Finalist of the Golden Turtle Painting Contest / Graphics 10.
2019. First place in the "Russian Art Week. XXVI" in the nomination Illustration (book graphics).
2019. Second place on "Zoo Arts" in the category Insects (Animal Art in the works of graphics)