Aleksandrovich Ponomarenko

Russia • Moscow • born in 2002 • artist

Writer, poet and artist. I am returning Man to Man.

I was born twice.
My homeland is eternal Russia.
My house is forgotten by everyone, I am building it anew.
From the biography: I got my name from my great-grandmother-polka.
The emphasis in it is placed in the Polish manner - StanIslav.

About painting and icon:

General: man as a center.
My definition of the art of painting: a look behind.
My definition of an icon: behind-the-look.

In the art of painting (just art), we are talking about a view that sees space hidden in time; it’s only art that reveals the REALITY that exists with us, that which in reality is ALREADY present for us, as if without our efforts; what is without us.

Icon - from the Greek εἰκών, "image". I.e:
“You will make ... an image instead of an image” Ev. from Thomas, 27.

The icon is the remembrance of the non-former, that which is in the fact of remembrance, and which was not in the world; what is before and after the world. In the icon, by our silence we testify to the indescribable.

“The whole world is a scene of human tragedy, and its hero is the author”
“And the staircase of the one who walks will light up, and he will not grow dark”
"They conquer themselves - only the path of freedom brings to light."

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