anatolievich zelentsov

Russia • Moscow and Moscow Oblast • born in 1993 • artist, art connoisseur
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My name is Roma.
It so happened that for a long time I work in the theater as a stage machinist. Drawing is my hobby. I have long dreamed that one day my art will be seen by a large number of people, that one day I will be able to quit my job and never have to work my back off to earn a living.
The "descendants" project is a look into the past of a person who, like everyone else, was once small but inevitably grew up. Through my work I try to stir up those feelings in people that most people have long forgotten or prefer to hide, afraid to show sentimentality and sincerity. I believe in love as an absolute, I am convinced that it is the only thing that makes sense. As the years go by, it becomes more and more difficult to retain that childlike spontaneity with which each of us is gifted. So my goal is to awaken that very spontaneity, to remind people what love is in its broadest sense.

I draw mostly digital.
I create theater posters, track covers for musicians, and in general I try not to refuse any offers, which at the moment, alas, very few.

Open to communication, will be glad to new acquaintances and proposals.

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