Yurievna Ramonova

Russia • Krasnoyarskiy Kray • born in 2000 • artist
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Biography and information

Ramonova Olga was born in 2000 in Kharkov, Ukraine. From 2007-2014 studied at the Repin Children's Art School No. 1 in Kharkov. In 2014 she moved to Russia, Irkutsk. Irkutsk. From 2014-2015 studied at the Irkutsk Children's Art School №1. From 2016-2020 studied at the Irkutsk Art College named after I.L.Kopylov, received a specialty "Painter-Pedagogue". Since 2020 she has been studying at the Siberian Institute of Arts named after Dmitry Hvorostovsky. At the moment she is in the 4th year of the department of "Painting".
From early childhood, drawing occupied Olga more than other forms of art. At the age of 7, she went to art school, where special emphasis was placed on drawing from life, especially during summer plein airs. "I was impressed by the beauty of the different states of the day, the year, the richness of southern nature. From here went my love for plein air painting, nature." At the age of 14 Olga finally chose her professional and life path - she decided to become an artist. In her 3rd year of college she was able to go to Baikal for the whole summer on plein air. "The hiking, tent life gave me the opportunity to contemplate the changeability of nature even more deeply and attentively, to enter into its rhythm." After that summer, Olga decided to become a plein air landscape painter.
Olga works in different techniques: watercolor, oil and dry pastel, colored pencil, but the main one is oil painting. She likes to paint all natural landscapes, but mountains have become a special passion. The artist has painted the Eastern Sayan Mountains, Khamar-Daban, Western Sayan Mountains, the last two summers she has worked in the Caucasus Mountains. "For now, because of my studies, I can only travel and paint in the summer, but in the future I want to work in plein air in the mountains all year round."
In landscapes, the artist is interested in conveying the state of the time of day, weather, season. "The same place at different times gives rise to different feelings, images, impressions. In the mountains I am fascinated by their majesty, sometimes harsh and wild, sometimes solemn..." Olga is inspired by mountains, instrumental music, other artists and their work. They also help her to develop: "when I communicate with other artists, follow the development of their work, I begin to see in my works how I can do better, reach a more professional level, learn from them not to be afraid to experiment".
Olga paints in the style of realism. The main thing in her works is not the transfer of similarity to the depicted object, but the impressions, emotions and images that she gets from a particular state of nature. Color also plays an important role in her works: the artist uses it to convey her mood.
In 2021 participated in the exhibition "Love for fatherland above life" krasnoyarsk.
In 2022 participated in exhibitions: "Peter the Great" in St. Petersburg, "Image of Peter the Great" in Moscow, "Yenisei Gubernia" in Krasnoyarsk.
In 2023 participated in the exhibition "Colorful Palette", Krasnoyarsk, held two solo exhibitions: "Journey to the Land of Mountains" and "My Dagestan" in Krasnoyarsk.