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The maxim of the Renaissance era, Every Painter Paints Himself , dates back to as early as the fifteenth century. It still holds true today, though. In the history of art, besides creating traditional self-portraits, painters now and then made secret indications of their authorship by including the likenesses of themselves in their paintings. Sometimes, these indications seem quite inventive…

Aleksandr Mikhaylenko
, September 24 04:40 AM 4
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Карл Брюллов- «Последний день Помпеи»
Pavel Dyatlov
, September 25 12:40 AM 3
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Василий Пукирев, "Неравный брак".
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Raphael Sanzio. Madonna Solly (Madonna and child with book, Madonna Norton Simon)
Raphael Sanzio. The Madonna of the carnation
Raphael Sanzio. Terranuova Madonna (Mary with Christ child, John the Baptist and the Holy child)
Raphael Sanzio. Madonna von der ROPP (Madonna and child with saints Jerome and Francis)
Raphael Sanzio. Madonna Of The Colonna
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Raphael Sanzio. The Alba Madonna
Raphael Sanzio. The prophets Jonah and Hosea. Sketches for the mosaics of the Capella Chigi
Raphael Sanzio. Portrait Of Bindo Altoviti
Raphael Sanzio. Large Cowper Madonna
Raphael Sanzio. The Small Cowper Madonna
Raphael Sanzio. St. George and the Dragon
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"A study
A study is an exercise painting that helps the painter better understand the object he or she paints. It is simple and clear, like sample letters in a school student’s copybook. Rough and ready, not detailed, with every stroke being to the point, a study is a proven method of touching the world and making a catalogue of it. However, in art history, the status of the study is vague and open to interpretation. Despite its auxiliary role, a study is sometimes viewed as something far more significant than the finished piece. Then, within an impressive frame, it is placed on a museum wall.
So, when does a study remain a mere drill, and when can we call it an artwork in its own right, full of life and having artistic value? Read more
of family portraits is enough to convert a man to the doctrine of reincarnation," said Holmes, observing the portrait of Hugo Baskerville. Arthive has collected 10 portraits evoking similar thoughts.

Zuleyka Dobson
, July 23 02:25 PM 2
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А вот еще портрет Жерара Депардье, написанный в Голландии в XVII веке.
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