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Pierre Auguste Renoir. Rural dance
Rural dance
Pierre Auguste Renoir
1883, 180×90 cm
Gustav Klimt. Kiss
Gustav Klimt
1908, 180×180 cm
Orest Adamovich Kiprensky. Poor Liza
Poor Liza
Umberto Boccioni. Nude
Johann (Ivan) Friedrich Groot. The leopard with the lamb
5.The leopard with the lamb
Gavdzinskiy Gavdzinskiy. Still life by the sea
6.Still life by the sea
Gavdzinskiy Gavdzinskiy
2005, 70×80 cm
Rene Magritte. The lost jockey
7.The lost jockey
Rene Magritte. Endless recognition
8.Endless recognition
Rene Magritte
1963, 81×100 cm
Katerina Troshkov. Part III (the Right) Fun couple
15 000 ₽
9.Part III (the Right) Fun couple
Katerina Troshkov
2017, 146×39 cm
Кристина Ровная. Summer by the sea
10.Summer by the sea
Кристина Ровная. Stay in the dock
11.Stay in the dock
Кристина Ровная. That
Кристина Ровная. The ship in dry dock
13.The ship in dry dock
Rene Magritte. Beloved
Rene Magritte
1928, 54.2×73 cm
Rene Magritte. Pierced time
15.Pierced time
Rene Magritte
1938, 147×99 cm
Viktor Sheremet. Regatta
Viktor Sheremet. Regatta
Bernard Boutet de Monvel. A Dolphin with a guitar
18.A Dolphin with a guitar
Rene Magritte. Banquet
Rene Magritte
1955, 18.8×25 cm
Rene Magritte. Each order
20.Each order
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