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Salvador Dali. The persistence of memory
The persistence of memory
Salvador Dali
1931, 24×33 cm
Marcel Duchamp. Sad Young Man on a Train
Sad Young Man on a Train
Marcel Duchamp
1912, 100×73 cm
Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin. "In the Northern wilderness ..."
"In the Northern wilderness ..."
Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin
1891, 161×118 cm
Vincent van Gogh. Starry night
4.Starry night
Vincent van Gogh
June 1889, 73.1×92.1 cm
Albrecht Durer. Melancholy
Albrecht Durer
1514, 23.8×18.6 cm
René Magritte. The lovers
6.The lovers
René Magritte
1928, 54×73.4 cm
Edgar Degas. Landscape
Edgar Degas
1890-th , 26.6×34.2 cm
Sandro Botticelli. Birth Of Venus
8.Birth Of Venus
Sandro Botticelli
1486, 172.5×278.5 cm
William Blake. Illustrations of the Bible. Great red dragon and the woman clothed in the sun
9.Illustrations of the Bible. Great red dragon and the woman clothed in the sun
William Blake
1805, 43.7×34.8 cm
Vincent van Gogh. Night cafe in Arles
10.Night cafe in Arles
Vincent van Gogh
September 1888, 80.7×65 cm
Marc Chagall. Over the city
11.Over the city
Marc Chagall
1918, 141×197 cm
Brian Authority. HRH The Duke of Edinburgh
12.HRH The Duke of Edinburgh
René Magritte. The son of man
13.The son of man
René Magritte
1964, 116×89 cm
Jan van Eyck. The Arnolfini portrait (detail)
14.The Arnolfini portrait (detail)
Hieronymus Bosch. The temptation of St. Anthony. Triptych
15.The temptation of St. Anthony. Triptych
Hieronymus Bosch
XVI century, 131.5×225 cm
Hieronymus Bosch. The garden of earthly delights
16.The garden of earthly delights
Hieronymus Bosch
1500-th , 220×390 cm
Cheney di Pepo Cimabue. Christ Mocked
17.Christ Mocked
Cheney di Pepo Cimabue
1280, 25.8×20.3 cm
Cheney di Pepo Cimabue. The Flagellation of Christ
18.The Flagellation of Christ
Cheney di Pepo Cimabue
1280, 24.8×20 cm
Anthony van Dyck. Katherine Howard, lady d ' Aubigny
19.Katherine Howard, lady d ' Aubigny
Anthony van Dyck
1638, 106.7×85.4 cm
Konstantin Makovsky. Children running from the storm
20.Children running from the storm
Konstantin Makovsky
1872, 167×102 cm
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