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Tamara Lempicka. The dream (Rafael on a green background)
The dream (Rafael on a green background)
Tamara Lempicka
1927, 81.3×58.5 cm
Vasily Surikov. The capture of snow town
The capture of snow town
Vasily Surikov
1891, 156×282 cm
Gustave Courbet. The origin of the world
The origin of the world
Gustave Courbet
1866, 46×55 cm
Leonardo da Vinci. The Annunciation
4.The Annunciation
Leonardo da Vinci
1475, 98×217 cm
Salvador Dali. The persistence of memory
5.The persistence of memory
Salvador Dali
1931, 24×33 cm
Salvador Dali. Cosmic Madonna
6.Cosmic Madonna
Salvador Dali
1958, 152.5×91.5 cm
René Magritte. The lovers
7.The lovers
René Magritte
1928, 54×73.4 cm
Marc Chagall. Over the city
8.Over the city
Marc Chagall
1918, 141×197 cm
Albrecht Dürer. Melancholy
Albrecht Dürer
1514, 23.8×18.6 cm
Vincent van Gogh. Starry night
10.Starry night
Vincent van Gogh
June 1889, 73.1×92.1 cm
Konstantin Makovsky. Children running from the storm
11.Children running from the storm
Konstantin Makovsky
1872, 167×102 cm
Sandro Botticelli. Birth Of Venus
12.Birth Of Venus
Sandro Botticelli
1486, 172.5×278.5 cm