The adoration of the Magi

Sandro Botticelli • Painting, 1482, 68×102 cm
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About the artwork
Art form: Painting
Subject and objects: Landscape, Portrait, Animalism, Religious scene
Style of art: Renaissance
Technique: Oil, Tempera
Materials: Wood
Date of creation: 1482
Size: 68×102 cm
Artwork in selections: 22 selections
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Description of the artwork «The adoration of the Magi»

The birth of The Savior is an important day in the sacred history, which, of course, could not remain without attention: this event has dedicated their work to such brilliant artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Bosch, Rubens, velázquez and others. Was no exception and the Italian painter Sandro Botticelli.

The bright colors used in the painting of the great Botticelli "The adoration of the Magi"quite convey the solemnity of the moment. This masterpiece was created around 1475 and is now in the Uffizi gallery. Some have survived to the present time data it is known that the painter was ordered about 7 options of this canvas. It was written by order of a wealthy and influential banker Gaspare di Zanobi del Lama and intended for his chapel, located in the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella.

The stories of The Bible is inevitably full of parables, allegories, and therefore became a favorite theme of all the people relevant to great. In the painting, Botticelli"s "the Adoration of the Magi" by the master shown a scene of adoration of Jesus. Maria sits among the ruins of ancient Rome that symbolizes the end of the old, to have to have to have outlived her world and start a new Christian. A key role on the canvas, in accordance with artistic canons of those years, plays the Holy family — the virgin, baby Jesus and Joseph.

In addition to these, we see that many people came to worship and to see God's son. In working on this canvas the artist uses a special technique, writing as the characters in the paintings of the famous residents: now, almost the entire Medici family came to pay homage to the baby. It depicts philosophers, poets, writers, and other prominent figures, and also the author of the picture that was at that time a tradition. All the characters in the picture of Botticelli"s "the Adoration of the Magi" somewhat idealized: they are at most a hint at specific people than their portrait copy. But for contemporaries of the master, that was enough: all the characters are easily recognizable.

The Church of Santa Maria Novella was the most admired in Florence, but because the audience had to understand the main idea: famous citizens of the city fully support the Medici. This pattern can be seen as a Declaration of loyalty to this noble family. Interesting is the fact that the Medici were in Florence, founders of the famous Brotherhood of the Magi. The painting Sandro Botticelli"s "the Adoration of the Magi" gave the master the glory and goodwill of the representatives of one of the most influential dynasties of Florence, thereby involving him in the tumultuous events of those years.