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  • Venetian canal
  • The Grand canal in Venice
  • The view of the Venetian lagoon with the tower of Malghera
161 artworks • 0 comment
  • Cherry, pipe and "Cointreau"
  • Cherries and currants.
  • Still life with walnuts, a basket of plums and cherries
69 artworks • 0 comment
  • A series of "Hundred Proverbs". Everyone has his own pleasure
  • Fishing on the Yenisei
  • Fishermen at dawn, Naples
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  • The Madonna and child in a landscape
  • The Madonna and child
  • Madonna under the fir tree
Madonna with symbols
59 artworks • 0 comment
  • Mars and Venus
  • Mars and Venus, played by the gods
  • Sleeping nymph and two satyrs
Collects Igor Man
31 artworks • 0 comment
  • The Resurrection Of Christ
  • The capture of Mary Magdalene into heaven
  • The Apotheosis Of St. Ignacio
Emotional and dynamic style is Baroque!
Collects Irina Olikh
38 artworks • 0 comment
  • The descent from the cross
  • The Garden Of Armida
  • Orgy
The collection of the Prado Museum, Madrid
Collects Irina Olikh
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  • Self-portrait
  • Self portrait in a hat with white feathers
  • Self-portrait with palette
European master in portraits
Collects Irina Olikh
121 artworks • 0 comment
  • Saint Jerome in the desert
  • St. Jerome in his cell
  • Saint Jerome as cardinal
Saint Jerome - scholar and ascetic
Collects Irina Olikh
68 artworks • 0 comment
  • The Apotheosis Of Hercules
  • Hercules and the cows of Geryon
  • Hercules steals the apples of the Hesperides
the 12 labors of Hercules
Collects Irina Olikh
31 artworks • 4 comments
  • Venus and Adonis
  • Venus and Adonis
  • The return from war: Venus disarms Mars
My beautiful Venus!
Collects Irina Olikh
92 artworks • 0 comment
  • The Lamenting Of Christ (Pieta)
  • Dead Christ (lamentation over the dead Christ)
  • Lamentation Of Christ
Pieta (Lamentation Of Christ)
121 artworks • 0 comment

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