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  • The Bay of Naples
  • An oxcart and a swimmer in shallow waters
  • View of a steep, rocky coast and a rough sea at sunset
Ivan Aivazovsky
Collects Samyy Tot
131 artworks • 0 comment
  • House in Cornville
  • Rainbow. Landscape
  • The evening clouds. Sketch
Style: 55 Romanticism
Collects Open
2 444 artworks • 0 comment
  • Boats on the shore in a storm, Brighton
  • Less
  • Yarmouth, Norfolk
Collects Open
1 215 artworks • 0 comment
  • A Venetian canal with a gondolier
  • After the rain
  • The road in the rye
Collects Katerina Reva
107 artworks • 0 comment
  • The frigate under sail
  • Sea view
  • George monastery. Cape Fiolent
Aivazovsky Ivan Konstantinovich
Collects Nadezhda Gulo
45 artworks • 0 comment

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