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Russia • born in 1996 • artist
The contemporary artist Tatiana Shomina was born in 1996 in Moscow. She came to painting at a conscious age.
A self-taught artist, she studied on her own and is honing her skills day by day. And is studying on an additional course with Daria Ostapenko.

Co-founder of the creative brand "CENSORED" - a brand about creativity and feelings.
Tanya creates and paints pictures for this brand.

Tatiana's creativity is unique, she creates passionate storylines in which she lays the love of man for himself and his other half, his partner in life.
Tatiana works in black and white with bright red accents.
He paints in oil and creates digital paintings.

"Black and White are two colors of extremes, like life and death.
Red is a vivid outburst, like the feelings one experiences in a moment of love, passion.
True love and passion is life.
When we feel, we live, not exist.
That's my position and I want to share it with everyone!"

Tatiana is preparing her big project with social implication relevant in the modern world - about love and self-acceptance.
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