Mikhailovna Shushpanova

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Born in Leningrad, graduated from SPGHPA named after Mukhina. Member of the Union of Artists since 1998.
She is an active artist (painting, drawing, watercolor miniature, sketching, textile collages) Participant of city and international exhibitions, plein airs, master classes. Teaches children and adults, has his own developments in the field of teaching the basics of painting, drawing and arts and crafts. She conducts master classes in relaxation drawing, paper plastic, creating jewelry from jeans, modeling, watercolor miniature.
Contacts: @zolotogorodov
Exhibitions: Personal:
"Color Sense" art-space "Mood Generator" St. Petersburg,Karavannaya7, October 2017
"Bouquet as a gift" CDS Vyborg District, Library №7, September 2015
"Still Life with Flowers." Library "Book in Time" SPB, February 2016
"Small-mala-smaller" CBS Vyborg District, Library Center for Children's Reading", 2019, 2020,2021
"Gold of Cities" Torzhkovskaya St., 30A
Group (some):
"The Muses of St. Petersburg, Mukhina St. Petersburg Academy of Arts and Industry, 1996
Biennale of Graphics, Manezh Exhibition Hall, 2006
"Union of Artists-65 years" CEH Manezh, SPb, 2008
"All St. Petersburg 2008" CEH Manezh
"Spring 2012" exhibition center SPb SCh
"Spring 2014" exhibition center SPb SCh
The Second International Triennial of Graphic Arts in St. Petersburg "Reality and Phantasmagoria of the 21st Century" St. Petersburg, June 2014
Exhibition of the Department of Art Textiles, Master Class Gallery, St. Petersburg, 2015
Exhibition in Memory of B. Migal, SPb SH Exhibition Center, 2016, etc.
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