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I'm Stanislav Kargol, an artist from sunny Kazakhstan, Almaty. Since 2006 I live in Russia, Belgorod.

And here, a little bit of my personal history into the profession.

I started drawing and meticulously tracing every leaf on a tree when I was five years old. I copied by eye on notebook pages or in an ordinary sketchbook portraits of writers, figures, and graphic landscapes. I began to accumulate a keen eye for the already then flair for works of art.

Back in the school library, I used to borrow a thick old catalog book of good quality with black and white logos and spend a long time looking at their delicate lines and sketching them in my notebook. Because of this, I was often late for class, and sometimes I missed some classes, which got me kicked in the teeth by my teachers.

Already in 9th grade, I was determined to tie my life with the art, but what kind of art, I could not decide. And I began to prepare for admission, I had to learn how to draw, although I thought I already knew how.

Like now I remember my timidity and numbness in front of a blank A3 sheet of paper, at my easel. I didn't know how to hold a pencil, or how to sharpen it properly - nothing. I was very lucky with my first teacher in the art studio. It was the most experienced teacher, already in the age, which helped me to gain the basis, the first skills in drawing and a little bit in painting.

I enrolled in the Art Department of the oldest department, easel painting. We were taught by gurus, not young teachers, but artists with dozens of international solo exhibitions, recognition in certain circles, and their own style. They were the ones who taught us inexperienced youngsters. And I will always be grateful to them.

But then fate took a turn and my family and I emigrated to Russia from Kazakhstan.

And I had already finished my studies in the design department and received a well-deserved diploma of graphic designer, after my fairy-tale defense with illustrations of Kornei Chukovsky's "Tsokotukha the Fly". I printed three copies at the time.

During this time I fell in love with art, through books, magazines, the best examples of painting in museums, collecting from everywhere the most valuable pearls and secrets of the profession.

In 2011, he had his first solo exhibition of his paintings with television and the press. And after a couple of months I got a job at my dream company. Where I drew presentations, logos, and websites with great dedication.

In my work I rely solely on imagination, images from memory, impressions of moments in nature. I work in the genre of landscape. I have my own manner, style of writing, which I sometimes modernize, finding something new to express myself, but at the same time maintaining the handwriting. I paint in oil on linen canvas, I prepare materials myself.

Enjoy watching!

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