Signature Style

804 artworks, 245 artists
The idea of style is often associated with its creator; therefore, the signature style is understood as a certain commonality of individual features of an artwork, which makes this object unique, different from others. The creation of works in this direction is characterized by unconscious brush movements, often beyond an artist’s will, that express the emotional state, mood, technical and personal qualities of the artist. In their works, artists declare their belonging to a community – a national, social, ideological, or artistic one. At the same time, such work demonstrates the personal and unique style of the artist. The pictures in a signature style are created by bright and versatile artists using recognizable and associative techniques and elements.

In the signature style, we observe a constant struggle of tendencies that seem to be mutually exclusive: orientation toward old style attitudes and the desire for self-expression of the creative nature. Often, a vivid personality of an artist with his/her own style gives rise to a new school or direction. In the painted works within the signature style, a set of materials and techniques are used, which, in fact, are ways of expressing the artist’s individuality. Such works have subjects, ideological and artistic characteristics that are typical for the work of one particular artist.

The section contains the artworks by the contemporary artists with their signature style: Svetlana Voronkova, Anna Mikheeva, Anastasia Pavlova, Vladimir Koreshkov, Olga Akasi.

Outstanding examples of a signature style: “The Last Remnants of a Bear” by Vladimir Koreshkov, “Cat” 2019 by Art Panina, “Violet Mood” 2015 by Svetlana Fedotova, “We Can Always Catch the Wind” by Olga Akasi, “Why Did Not You Come?..” 2015 by Natalia Bahatska, “Winter Night” 2019 by Vladimir Osipov.