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Biography and information
Higher musical education.
2012−2013 — studio education from famous artists
Vladimir and Maya Opara.
Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia (Section "Abstract Art"), a member of the Professional Union of Artists of Russia.
Winner (2nd place) of the International Competition in the nomination of abstract art (category -Profi) Russian Art-Week, Central House of Artists, Moscow, 2015.
Winner (1st place) of the Art Love International Erotic Art Festival in the Abstraction category (category — Profi) — St. Petersburg,
Exhibition Center of St. Petersburg Union of Artists, 2017.
Participant of exhibitions:
2019 — Festival International Da Vinci, Jose Luis Cuevas Museum, Mexico.
2018 — international genre exhibition "NUDE-2018", Art-Box Gallery, Moscow.
2018 — international exhibition "Vanguard today" - MDH, Moscow.
2017 — personal exhibition "Black and white with gold" - gallery "Republic of Arts", Barnaul.
2017 — International Festival of Erotic Art Art Love — Exhibition Center of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists.
2017 — International exhibition-competition of contemporary art St. Petersburg Art Week- Exhibition Center of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists.
2017- International Art Project "Angels of the World" - Museum "City", Barnaul.
2017-World Eurasian Art Forum — MDC, Moscow.
2016 — I International Festival "Abstraction without Borders" - Kazan, Gallery of Modern Art, Moscow, Exhibition Hall of the Moscow Union of Artists of Russia.
2016 — Personal exhibition "The Spirit of Mexico" - Gallery "Republic of Fine Arts",
2015 — International exhibition-competition of contemporary art —
Russian Art Week — Central House of Artists, Moscow.
2015 — "Internationale exposition Le Reflet de nos Differences", Belgium.
2015 — Exhibition "Stork on the Roof" - Darwin Museum, Moscow.
2015 — "Vladimir Week of Arts" - Vladimir.
2015 — "Contempo — 2015" - the center of San Angel, Mexico City.
2015 — IV International Project "Abstract Art in Modern Russia" - Nagornaya Gallery, Moscow.
2015 — Exhibition "Golden Collection of Abstract Art", TSHR hall, Moscow
2014- "Sessions of Moscow Artists" - A-3 Gallery, Moscow.
2014- "Biennale del Senso e della Materia" - Italy.
2014 — personal exhibition — Center "Perspective", Moscow.
2013- Art project "15 minutes of fame" - Center "Perspective", Moscow.
Pictures are in private collections in Russia, Italy, Belgium, Mexico, Slovenia, Hungary, Sweden, Greece, Slovakia, the USA.
He lives and works in Russia and Mexico.
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