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Tatiana Fomicheva (Paola)
- Voronezh artist, museum specialist

I was born in Voronezh.

In 2001 she graduated from Art School № 5 of Voronezh, in 2006 - Voronezh Institute of High Technologies in the specialty "exhibition activities" with a red diploma.

From 2003 to 2012, she worked at the I.S. Nikitin Voronezh Regional Museum of Literature, first as a junior, then as a senior researcher-exhibitor. She has been published in scientific collections of the VOLM named after I.S. Nikitin. She is the author of the exhibition Maria Mordasova Stage Costume for the Museum-apartment of M.N. Mordasova (2005).

In co-authorship with the head of the research department of VOLM named after I.S. Nikitin E. P. Korchagina in 2011, created the exhibition "O.E. Mandelstam", in 2012 - a permanent exhibition "Yesenin. The Endless Legend" of the People's Museum of Sergey Yesenin in Voronezh, opened in 2012.

From 2012 to 2021 she was a senior researcher at the Yesenin Folk Museum.

Since 2014, in parallel with the work at the National Museum of Yesenin took lessons, in 2019 - 2021 was the studio of the Honored Artist of Russia E. Shcheglov. D. Sheglov.

Member of international, regional and regional exhibitions:

2020 - "Yesenin. The infinite legend: an exhibition from the collection of the National Museum of Yesenin in Voronezh. Painting. Graphics. Sculpture" to the 125th anniversary of the birth of Sergey Yesenin (Konstantinovo village);

2021 - Regional Art Exhibition of Young Artists (Voronezh);

2021 - interregional exhibition of young artists "Freedom of Creation-II" (Kursk);

2021 - an exhibition-contest in memory of the artist S.S. Kosenkov (Belgorod);

2021 - series "Flowers in a high vase" - the winner of the international contest-festival of young painters named after R. Nurmukhametov in the category "Stylistic Certainty"

2022 - interregional exhibition "Portrait and Still Life" (Belgorod);

2022 - personal exhibition of works in the Museum "Masters" (1 Fadeeva Lane, Khokhol village, Voronezh region);

2023 - personal exhibition "Life of the soul, the coming of spring..." in the exhibition hall of the Union of Artists (Voronezh, 8 Kirova Street)

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