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Painter or Paintress?
For a long time, women were only painted by male painters. Ladies could not study at an art academy or paint nudity. "Women's" genres were just still life and landscape. The situation persisted until the middle of the XIX century, when painters and paintresses equaled at least in the choice of their subjects. A seductive, playful, but now also strong, confident woman has become different on both sides of the canvas. Turn on your intuition and guess who painted these female images - a painter or a paintress.
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What flower is in the painting?
In this quiz, there will be no immense Dutch bouquets with dozens of various plants. Just one flower per one still life. Your task is to specify its name.
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Mothers of Famous Artists
These women potty-trained future geniuses, fed them with porridge, bought them their first pencils. Certainly, the sons made their portraits. You need to guess whose mother is depicted on each of the ten.
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What d`ya mean?
What did the progressive American artists mean? Here we have 12 paintings with unclear content. Fortunately, the authors gave the pictures names to explain everythng! You just have to choose the right version of the title of each piece.
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Whose wife?
They were the first admired spectators, the first hard critics and favourite models of the artists. They did not understand them and supported them, they calmed them down and were angry with them, they reconciled with their poverty and enjoyed their glory with their husbands. They all have one similar feature: they have always been painted for love. Can you guess where is the wife of Rubens, Cezanne or Monet?
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Girls and Boys
Children are the subjects of all the paintings in this quiz. Take it to check out if you can say that the questions were childish!
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Find out Bruegel!
Pieter Bruegel the Elder is one of the most recognizable and original masters in the history of art. From two similar paintings (or their details) choose the one executed by Bruegel.
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Claude Monet ... in figures!
“The more I live, the more I regret how little I know,” Claude Monet once said tying to measure the immeasurable. In this quiz you have a chance to see how well you know Monet by answering twelve 'how many' questions about the life of a great Impressionist. Good luck!
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Impressionism or Expressionism?
Impressionism is associated with an instant impression, light, colored shadows, separate brushstrokes, and France. Expressionism implies the artist's experiences, broken gestures, defiantly bright or dirty-dark colors, and the associations take us to Germany and Austria. But is it really simple to identify a particular painting? Are you sure that you will not confuse Monet and Schiele?
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Kid`s drawing or a museum masterpiece?
“Му five-year-old nephew/grandchild/neighbor`s son could do that,” a comment like that would have been a chart topper of reaction to art works that do not fit in with the conservative art views. Well, can you unmistakably identify which picture had already taken its rightful place at a museum and which one still is kept in a home folder among other treasures? Child’s drawings for the experiment were provided by the Arthive team members.
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What is the name of the painting?
Sometimes artists come up with strange, unexpected and unusual names for their works, inviting the viewer to unravel the hidden associations between the title and the image. Sometimes on the canvases there are clues that make it possible to understand the course of artist's thought - and it turns deciphering into an intriguing game. Let’s begin!
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The Fruits of Art
To mark the beginning of the harvest season, Arthive prepared a special fruit-and-vegetable test for you. The task is very simple: we show you a painting, which depicts a vegetable or fruit (or an edible plant), and you have to guess what it is. But be careful: apples are not always what they seem, and painting is not just Realism!
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Gods and heroes of the Ancient world in painting
This quiz is rather simple. You don’t need special knowledge to answer the following 15 questions. It is enough to recall your school lessons of history and literature. Let`s try it!
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How American are you?
There were nobody in the twentieth century who captured the spirit of the New World in such a full, varied and fun way as the cult artist Norman Rockwell (1894-1978), a long-time illustrator for The Saturday Evening Post, Dickens of the Pencil and Brushes, the greatest expert on the American mentality. Decide what happens on Rockwell illustrations - and find out what percentage of you are American.
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Japanese woodblock prints: What`s going on here?
East is such a delicate matter. Especially when it comes to Japan: there were legends composed about the eccentricities and strange passions of its residents. Traditional Japanese woodblock print is not exception. Sometimes you could understand what the artist had in mind only after reading its title. Test yourself and find out if you could think like the Japanese?
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East or West?
It seems that there is nothing easier than to distinguish the Western art from the Eeastern one. But the years of mutual influence and intervention of chance make this task more difficult and more interesting. We will show you two paintings. You need to identify which of them was created by the Japanese artist (another one will be by American or European artist).
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Which city is in the painting?
Modern cities are rapidly changing. But each of them has something that remains the same - the spirit of the city. Hide the guides, compasses and navigators - they will not be useful in this picturesque journey. You will surely feel in what city you are.
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Is it Bosch or not?
Among the two proposed paintings or their fragments there is one by Hieronymus Bosch and another one is by entirely different artist. Bosch or not Bosch - that is the question... Feel like an expert: attentively compare the paintings and try to detect Bosch!
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Who painted this Christmas scene?
Christmas is one of the most replicated themes in painting. Scenes depicting the Nativity, Adoration of the Magi and Christmas festivities can be found not only with the Renaissance artists. Guess whoexecuted each of these Christmas paintings!
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