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Russia • Moscow • born in 1990 • artist
Mamikonian Tigran Samvelovich. Born in 1990 in Abovyan, Armenia. He studied at art school, then in the studio of the famous Armenian artist J. Barseghyan. Since 2014. - participated in art exhibitions in Yerevan, Armenia. In Alekandria, Egypt. In Los Angeles, USA and in Russia. The artist's works are in private collections of art lovers from different countries. Since 2015. He lives and works in Moscow.

"It all started with a choice. When I was 5 years old, I chose paints instead of a ball. And from that day began my first steps in the visual arts.
During my life I have drawn in different styles and genres, tried different techniques. Now abstractionism and experimentation with different styles and techniques are closer to my heart, which allows me to create my own style of art.

My inspiration is sunrises. There is an incredible power and energy in them. This is the victory of light over darkness, the birth of a new day and new life.
Blue has a special place in my paintings. I associate it with boundlessness and eternity.
It is very important to me that my paintings convey positive and bright emotions to the viewer, as well as hope for the best.
I paint mostly with mastekhin oil paints on canvas. Masterchin allows you to retain the brightness of the colors and the texture of the strokes."
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