Viktorovich Bezborodov

Russia, Turkey • Moscow and Moscow Oblast • artist, gallery owner, art connoisseur
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Architect, MArhI, member of the Union of Photographers of Russia, Union of Wildlife Photographers, National Association of Photo Industry Professionals, Russian Geographical Society, freelance correspondent for Kommersant, advisor to the chairman of the Russian Ecological Society, director of the marketing agency Time4brand. Top 20 Theater and Concert Photographer 2022.

Georgy is a photo and digital artist whose work is centered around the integration of ecology and art as a means of restoring harmony between humanity and the natural world. He sees the aesthetics and philosophy of metamodernism as responsible for humanity's disconnection from nature and the rise of our current ecological crises.

Through his immersive photography, Georgy seeks to capture stunning images of natural landscapes and the creatures that inhabit them. His work invites viewers to reconnect with the beauty and complexity of nature and to consider our individual and collective responsibility to protect it. He believes that his art can serve as a powerful tool to promote a more harmonious and sustainable relationship between humanity and the natural world.

At the core of Georgy's artistic vision lies a deep respect for the environment and a belief in the interconnectedness of all living things. His photography showcases the fragility and complexity of ecosystems, from the diversity of plant life to the majestic beauty of mountains and the vastness of the ocean. He imbues his images with a sense of reverence and wonder, inviting the viewer to reflect on the beauty of the natural world and its importance to our collective well-being.

In addition to his photography, Georgy explores new digital media in his artistic practice. He creates immersive installations that emphasize the relationship between nature and technology, encouraging viewers to consider how the two can work together in harmony. His installations aim to create spaces that encourage empathy and reflection, inviting the viewer to consider the impact of our actions on the environment and our responsibility to protect it.

Through his art, Georgy advocates for the importance of sustainability and environmental stewardship. He believes that art has the power to raise awareness and inspire action towards a more harmonious and sustainable future. His immersive photography and installations provoke contemplation, encouraging us to think more deeply about our relationship with nature and what we can do to protect it.

Overall, Georgy's art offers a powerful message about the need for ecological consciousness and the role that art can play in inspiring positive change. His immersive photography invites us to appreciate the beauty and complexity of the natural world and his installations challenge us to think more deeply about our collective responsibility to protect it. He is an artist whose work has the power to inspire and provoke, encouraging us to envision a more sustainable and harmonious future.


"Amor fati" - State Darwin Museum, Moscow
"Volga Triangle 2023" - National Art Gallery, Yoshkar-Ola

"New Energy" - Art Maison Gallery, Moscow

"Street Photography" - Valid World Hall, Barcelona
"Powerful Composition" - BBA Gallery, Berlin
"Solo - Single Subject" - FotoZA Gallery, Johannesburg
"B&W Photographer Of The Year" - Coningsby Gallery, London
"Our Amazing Planet" - Blank Wall Gallery, Athens
"Portrait Photographer Of The Year" - Art Delight Gallery, Seoul
"Art of Photography" - ALMANAQUE Fotográfica Gallery, Mexico City

"Shotland" - Whisky Rooms, Moscow (personal)

"Street Photography" - Photosynthesis Gallery, Sofia
"Minimalism" - MIA Photo Fair, Milan
"Dramatic B&W" - Laurent Gallery, Melbourne
"Memorable portraits" - Itsliquid/Palazzo ca' Zanardi, Venice
"Borders" - Hinterland Gallery, Vienna
"Mostly White" - BBA Gallery, Berlin
"Mostly Black" - BBA Gallery, Berlin

"Telling a Story" - Contemporary art ruhr (C.A.R.) Essen

"Northern Beauty" - National Geographic exhibition, St. Petersburg