All information about the masterpieces of one of the largest art museums is now in your smartphone. Authors' abstracts for the paintings and audio guides, painting recognition feature, current exhibitions information: meet the pioneering work by Arthive.

The Pushkin Museum Guide (The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts guide) is available both for iOS, and for the Android platform.

Available for download in your language: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, simplified Chinese.

The Pushkin Museum Guide allows you to have a look at a significant part of the A. S. Pushkin Museum collection. Maybe you have planned a visit to the museum or you'd like to arrange an exciting virtual tour? Have you forgot the picture's name or would you like to know details about a familiar work? See the best paintings by great artists and the comprehensive information about the masterpieces and their creators in the Arthive application.

Download the free application to:

- recognize the pictures when you visit the museum - just point the camera at the canvas, and the full information about the work is on your screen in a few seconds;

- watch the pictures in high quality, wherever you are - you only need an Internet connection;

- get an exciting abstract of the work in a text or audio version containing the key information and interesting facts: the data in our mobile application is more copious than in most encyclopedias, and more accurate than in any online gallery;

- find the picture you are interested in through filtering by title, author or the size of the artwork, its medium or style;

- read the biographies of the most important artists and masters, whose works are represented in the museum.

Paul Gauguin. Night Café at Arles
Night Café at Arles
Paul Gauguin
1888, 71.5×91.5 cm

A picture description fragment: "...The painting Night Café at Arles also became a part of the competition between the artists. Gauguin painted the interior of the Ginoux couple's café, already painted by Van Gogh. However, while van Gogh's painting with almost empty hall and barely discernible figures of people became a kind of hymn to loneliness and restlessness, Gauguin gave his work a different mood. In the foreground the artist placed the café owner, Madame Ginoux (taking as a basis the charcoal sketch×A study is an exercise painting that helps the painter better understand the object he or she paints. It is simple and clear, like sample letters in a school student’s copybook. Rough and ready, not detailed, with every stroke being to the point, a study is a proven method of touching the world and making a catalogue of it. However, in art history, the status of the study is vague and open to interpretation. Despite its auxiliary role, a study is sometimes viewed as something far more significant than the finished piece. Then, within an impressive frame, it is placed on a museum wall.
So, when does a study remain a mere drill, and when can we call it an artwork in its own right, full of life and having artistic value? read more
he made earlier), and behind her he portrayed three prostitutes in a company of a man very similar to Vincent's friend - postman Joseph Roulin. Experts believe that this figure, as well as a figure of a man similar to another van Gogh's friend - Lieutenant Millet - was completed by Gauguin after he had left Arles."

The Pushkin Museum Guide application also enables you to:

- be aware of all the museum events from the newsfeed;

- get the full information about the museum, from its location on the map to reviews;

- get the announcements and detailed descriptions of past, current and planned exhibitions;

- comment on pictures, news and exhibitions, share them in social media;

- receive timely notifications of the museum events.

The Pushkin Museum Guide application was prepared by means of the new unique ARTHIVE App Designer Kit, including its own image recognition method based on artificial intelligence (IdentifArt technology). A similar application can be created for any art institution.

In addition to posting works, their descriptions, biographies of authors, blog entries, creating virtual exhibitions and information about real events (exhibitions), the application also allows you to accept orders, make sales and track the transaction history. Its functionality and design can be customized individually, and the content management is carried out through the Arthive page.

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