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Zavulon Sikorski
Zavulon Sikorski
Stavropol', 49 years old
    Johann Heinrich Fuessli
    Queen MAB of the fairies
    Taking cover
    Krimhilda [02] embraces the dead Siegfried
    The fairy Queen Titania finds on the seashore a magic ring
    The king of fire
    Paul Gustave Dore
    Ship in the ice
    Illustration to the Bible: Judas Maccabee Pursuits Timothy
    Bible illustrations: Noah releases dove
    Illustration to the Bible: Angel brings food and drink to the prophet Elijah
    Illustration to the Bible: Solomon accepts the Queen of Sheba
    Johann Heinrich Fuessli. The nightmare
    The nightmare
    Johann Heinrich Fuessli
    1781, 76.5×63.5 cm
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    Zavulon Sikorski
    Zavulon Sikorski
    added artworks to the selection Yes
    Francisco Goya. Umbrella
    Salvador Dali. Maison pour érotomane
    Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Large bathers
    Edgar Degas. Bath
    Paul Gustave Dore. Illustration for Balzac's "Naughty Tales"
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