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Paul Sérusier. Fisherman on the river
Fisherman on the river
Marc Chagall. Twilight. Red house
Twilight. Red house
Marc Chagall
1948, 93×50.5 cm
Paul Ranson. The vineyards
The vineyards
Sergey Druzyak. The angel in the window.
The angel in the window.
David Davidovich Burliuk. Birch in autumn
Birch in autumn
David Davidovich Burliuk
1903, 64×39 cm
Paul Ranson. Lilies and irises
Lilies and irises
Marc Chagall. A bouquet of lilies on the sea
A bouquet of lilies on the sea
Marc Chagall
1968, 64.2×50.8 cm
Marc Chagall. The bride and groom with a bouquet of flowers
The bride and groom with a bouquet of flowers
Marc Chagall
1975, 71×52 cm
Natalia Goncharova. Landscape in Ladygina
Landscape in Ladygina
Peder Severin Kreyer. Marie in the garden
Marie in the garden
Peder Severin Kreyer
1895, 58.4×47.9 cm
Igor Grabar. Golden leaves
Golden leaves
Igor Grabar
1901, 88×78 cm
Gustave Caillebotte. In the winter garden at Petit Jeweler
In the winter garden at Petit Jeweler
Claude Monet. Olive-tree (etude)
Olive-tree (etude)
Claude Monet
1884, 73×60 cm
Vincent van Gogh. Garden
Vincent van Gogh
1888, 63.5×52.5 cm
Vincent van Gogh. Rural street near Arles
Rural street near Arles
Vincent van Gogh
1888, 61×50 cm
Sergey Arsenievich Vinogradov. Estate
Sergey Arsenievich Vinogradov
1918, 52.7×71 cm
Sergey Arsenievich Vinogradov. Pechery. The monastery
Pechery. The monastery
Sergey Arsenievich Vinogradov
1928, 32.8×49 cm
Sergey Arsenievich Vinogradov. Southern night
Southern night
Sergey Arsenievich Vinogradov. Spring


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