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René Magritte. Beautiful heretic
Beautiful heretic
René Magritte
1960-th , 54.5×35.5 cm
Max Beckmann. Gulls in a storm
Gulls in a storm
Max Beckmann
1942, 70.3×50.4 cm
Auguste Rodin. Eva
Auguste Rodin
1881, 172.4 cm
Edward Munch. Scream
Edward Munch
1895, 35.5×25.4 cm
Alfred Sisley. Bank Luena
Bank Luena
Alfred Sisley
1892, 60.5×73 cm
Francis Picabia. A couple in love
A couple in love
Francis Picabia
1924, 103.8×72.5 cm
Paul Gauguin. Still life with apples
Still life with apples
Paul Gauguin
1890, 31.5×45.5 cm
Pierre-Auguste Renoir. The woman with the bouquet (Andre)
The woman with the bouquet (Andre)
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
1917, 54×65.5 cm
Pierre-Auguste Renoir. A garden in Sorrento
A garden in Sorrento
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
1881, 67×82 cm
Amedeo Modigliani. Portrait of Jeanne hebuterne (with a scarf)
Portrait of Jeanne hebuterne (with a scarf)
Amedeo Modigliani
1919, 92×54 cm
Frank Auerbach. Bent Nude
Bent Nude
Frank Auerbach
1955, 46.5×56 cm
Frank Auerbach. Bent Nude II
Bent Nude II
Frank Auerbach
1977, 57.5×77 cm
Frank Auerbach. Construction of the Sainte-Pancrase, summer
Construction of the Sainte-Pancrase, summer
Frank Auerbach
1954, 102.5×128 cm
Lawrence Stephen Lowry. The black Church
The black Church
Lawrence Stephen Lowry
1964, 35.5×25.5 cm
Lawrence Stephen Lowry. Spire
Lawrence Stephen Lowry
1949, 27.5×37 cm
Lawrence Stephen Lowry. Family group
Family group
Lawrence Stephen Lowry
1938, 53.5×43 cm
Christopher Nevinson. The troops on vacation
The troops on vacation
Christopher Nevinson
1916, 19×24 cm
Barbara Hepworth. Oval with two forms
Oval with two forms
Barbara Hepworth
1972, 33 cm
Barbara Hepworth. Forms in movement (Galliard)
Forms in movement (Galliard)
Barbara Hepworth
1956, 89 cm
Barbara Hepworth. A quiet form
A quiet form
Barbara Hepworth
1973, 43 cm


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