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Anna Medvedeva
Kyiv, 37 year
"Victim" is written in the complex for the artist the year 1909. Čiurlionis lives in St. Petersburg, works, in his words, "24-25 hours a day and feels very lonely and misunderstood. Not everything went smoothly and in relations with the adored them wife: Sophia Cementite leaves her husband and returns to Lithuania.

At this time, for the first time made itself felt mental illness čiurlionis, which is just a couple of years, in 1911 year, will lead to his demise. But in 1909, the artist is able to deal with overcoming his depression and to write. Paintings of this period ("the Ballad of the black sun", "Rex", "Žemaitija cemetery", "Sacrifice") is made in extremely stingy, though subtly nuanced colours. Their stories - dark and mysterious, not amenable to unambiguous interpretation.

Mystics believe that čiurlionis was able to catch the subtle planes of existence (by the way, while he was fond of hypnosis), to personally see the multidimensionality of the universe, to feel full fight angelic and demonic started. This is especially evident in "the Sacrifice." In the center of the canvas, covered with stars stepped ziggurat, the figure of an angel. Outinely clubs of dark smoke rising from the ground, he looks up to the sky, as if asking about what a sacrifice it will require. A picture full of heightened anxiety, unrelentingly terrible sense of foreboding.

Like most works of čiurlionis, the "Victim" is stored in the National art Museum (Kaunas), bearing in 1944, the name of the artist.

A particular problem is the preservation of works of čiurlionis, including "Victims". In most cases, the artist painted in pastels and tempera paints. He even developed his own technique, in which the temperature was very divorced and deposited layers, like watercolor paints. Work performed in this technique, unfortunately, is very vulnerable: their condition is adversely affected by the excess of light and temperature changes. This is why many originals čiurlionis not to be transported and even in the most important exhibitions can be represented only a facsimile copy of the artist's paintings. The first facsimile were ordered by the connoisseurs of čiurlionis in 1938) Now the quality of the reproductions from year to year grows. For example, Italian facsimile 1997 are considered by experts one of the best, because most fully reflect the smallest features of the originals.
Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis. Sacrifice
Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis
1909, 70×77 cm
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