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Tatyana Somova
Ukraine, 34 year collector,
«...И небо - в чашечке цветка.»
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  • 8 February 2017 03:36 PM seller
    Eshche odin akkaunt
  • 5 September 2015 11:12 AM buyer
    Grigoriy Ermolenko
    Сделка очень порадовала меня, давно хотел приобрести что то подобное!!!
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Yamaguchi Hosyung. Owl (detail of scroll)
Owl (detail of scroll)
Yamaguchi Hosyung
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Alisher Tuychievich Ernazarov. Visit
Alisher Tuychievich Ernazarov
2013, 80×6×60 cm
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Tatyana Somova
added artworks to the selection A selection of elephants
Wenzel Hollar. Elephant
Franz Marc. The elephant, the horse, the ox. Winter
Terry Lee. Big elephant
Dino Paravano. Walk of the elephants
Anastasia Sergeevna Tarasenko. Elephant
$3 500
Svetlana Chekannikova. Elephant
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Tatyana Somova
added artworks to the selection A selection of elephants
Julia Swan. Clonase
Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn. An Asian elephant
Anastasia Sergeevna Tarasenko. Elephant
$3 500
Ernst Fuchs. White elephant
Franz Marc. Elephant
William Blake. Enraged elephant. Illustrations for the collection of ballads, by William Hayley
Salvador Dali. (no title)
Leroy Neiman. Elephant
Leroy Neiman. Elephant family
Leroy Neiman. Portrait of an elephant
Raphael Santi. Elephant Hanno
Salvador Dali. Elephants
Valery Vladimirovich Pakhomov. Egyptian elephant
Victoria Fedorovna Humanenko. Happy baby elephant
Vitaliy Nitochkin. Morning elephant
Edwin Lord Weeks. Royal elephant
Edwin Lord Weeks. Elephants and people in the yard
Edwin Lord Weeks. Elephant
Anastasia Magdalene. Elephant
Rudolph Ernst. Royal elephant
Franz Marc. Elephant
Stephen Mackie. Elephant
Mario Baudouin. Elephants
Charles de Tournemine. African elephants
Robert Bateman. Elephants Safari
Laura Regan. Elephants
Anton Peak. "The book of the thousand and one nights". Night 600. The story of Hassan al-Basri: Sheikh a white elephant
Simon Comb. Elephants
Richard Rani. Amazing white elephant
Charles Bragg. Indian elephant
Robert Bateman. Battle elephants
William Schimmel. Elephants
Frank Frascette. African elephant
Robert Bateman. Elephants
Whale Joubert. Elephant
Robert Bateman. Elephants
Brian Jarvi. Elephant
Ron Parker. African elephant
Andrew Kiss. Elephants
Wassily Kandinsky. Elephant
John Banovich. Elephant
Teryl Evremer. Elephants
Terry Lee. Elephant
Terry Lee. Elephants by the water
Gustave Moreau. Elephant
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