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Francisco de Zurbaran

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Francisco de Zurbaran. Saint Serapion
Saint Serapion
Francisco de Zurbaran
1628, 120.5×103.5 cm
Francisco de Zurbaran. St. Apollonia
St. Apollonia
Francisco de Zurbaran
1640, 113×66 cm
Francisco de Zurbaran. Agia Marina
Agia Marina
Francisco de Zurbaran
1650, 111×88 cm
Francisco de Zurbaran. The adoration of the Magi
The adoration of the Magi
Francisco de Zurbaran
1639, 264×176 cm
Francisco de Zurbaran. The appearance of the virgin to Saint Peter, Nolasco
The appearance of the virgin to Saint Peter, Nolasco
Francisco de Zurbaran
1630, 204×165 cm
Francisco de Zurbaran. Holy Casilda Saratsinka
Holy Casilda Saratsinka
Francisco de Zurbaran
1635, 171×107 cm
Francisco de Zurbaran. St. Ambrose
St. Ambrose
Francisco de Zurbaran
1627, 207×101 cm
Francisco de Zurbaran. The lamb of God (Agnus Dei )
The lamb of God (Agnus Dei )
Francisco de Zurbaran
1638, 35.6×52 cm
Francisco de Zurbaran. Saint Francis in prayer
Saint Francis in prayer
Francisco de Zurbaran
1639, 152×99 cm
Francisco de Zurbaran. St. Francis during contemplation
St. Francis during contemplation
Francisco de Zurbaran
1632, 114×78 cm


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