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Irina Eremeevna Avvakumova
Yakutsk, 60 years old
Irina Avvakumova
added artworks to the selection Castle architecture
Nicholas Roerich. Vilnius. The ruins of the castle of Prince Gediminas
Franz Marc. Castle Reed
Giovanni Antonio Canal (Canaletto). Warwick Castle
Albrecht Durer. The castle ruins at the foot of the mountain
Alexander Nikolaevich Benoit. View of the castle
Vincent van Gogh. View of the castle Walls
Nicholas Roerich. Castle Hut
Titian Vecelli. Castle on the cliff
Joseph Mallord William Turner. Castle Cilgerran, Pembrokeshire
Albrecht Durer. Castle Of Trento
John Constable. Castle Caister, Norfolk
John Ruskin. Neuchatel Castle
Evgeny Yurievich Miroshnik. Chateyly Castle in France
Bernardo Bellotto. The view of Pirna from the Sonnenstein castle
Jean Metzinger. The château de Clisson
Nicholas Roerich. The courtyard of the castle. Sketch for a drama "Princess Malen" M. Maeterlinck
Eugene-Louis Lamy. The arrival of Queen Victoria at the castle e
Henri Rousseau. Landscape with Château
Albrecht Durer. The courtyard of the castle in Innsbruck without clouds
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