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Edward John Poynter. The return of the prodigal son
The return of the prodigal son
Isabel Bishop. Plot 6
Plot 6
Isabel Bishop. Plot 18
Plot 18
Isabel Bishop. Plot 41
Plot 41
Isabel Bishop. Plot 49
Plot 49
Isabel Bishop. Plot 57
Plot 57
Jean Arp. Untitled (Squares arranged according to the laws of the case)
Untitled (Squares arranged according to the laws of the case)
Jean Arp
1917, 33.2×25.9 cm
Jean-Etienne Liotard. The Chocolate Girl
The Chocolate Girl
Jean-Etienne Liotard
1745, 82.5×52.5 cm
Robert Delaunay. Homage to Blériot
Homage to Blériot
Robert Delaunay
1914, 250×251 cm
Elena Andreevna Kiseleva. On the balcony
On the balcony
Sergey Arsenievich Vinogradov. Spanish dancer (Otero)
Spanish dancer (Otero)
Valentin Aleksandrovich Serov. The Rape Of Europa
The Rape Of Europa
Pavel Tchelitchew. Deception of a blind man
Deception of a blind man
Pavel Tchelitchew. Spain
Pavel Tchelitchew
1934, 102.5×73.5 cm
Pavel Tchelitchew. Bullfight
Pavel Tchelitchew
1934, 75×105 cm
Alexander (Alex Merali) Kolominov. Heracles (Hercules)
Heracles (Hercules)
Alexander (Alex Merali) Kolominov. The defender
The defender
Wilhelm Kotarbinsky. Camel cavalry
Camel cavalry
Wilhelm Kotarbinsky
1890-th , 72×134.5 cm
Wilhelm Kotarbinsky. Medusa
Wilhelm Kotarbinsky
1903, 211×112.5 cm


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