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Edvard Munch

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Edvard Munch. Vampire
Edvard Munch
1895, 91×109 cm
Edvard Munch. Aunt Karen in the rocking chair
Aunt Karen in the rocking chair
Edvard Munch
47×41 cm
Edvard Munch. Evening on the street of Karl John
Evening on the street of Karl John
Edvard Munch
1892, 84.5×121 cm
Edvard Munch. Killer
Edvard Munch. The Thuringian Forest
The Thuringian Forest
Edvard Munch
1905, 80×100 cm
Edvard Munch. Killer on the road
Killer on the road
Edvard Munch
1919, 110×138 cm
Edvard Munch. Self-portrait (in confusion)
Self-portrait (in confusion)
Edvard Munch
1919, 151×130 cm
Edvard Munch. Calvary
Edvard Munch
1900, 80×120 cm
Edvard Munch. Eye to eye
Eye to eye
Edvard Munch
1900, 136×110 cm
Edvard Munch. Red ivy
Red ivy
Edvard Munch
1900, 119.5×121 cm
Edvard Munch. Morning
Edvard Munch
1884, 96.5×103.5 cm
Edvard Munch. Madonna
Edvard Munch
1894, 90×68.5 cm
Edvard Munch. The girl and death
The girl and death
Edvard Munch
1894, 30.5×21.6 cm
Edvard Munch. Scream
Edvard Munch
1893, 91×73.5 cm
Edvard Munch. Kiss
Edvard Munch
1897, 99×81 cm
Edvard Munch. Reclining Nude
Reclining Nude
Edvard Munch. Two women on the shore
Two women on the shore
Edvard Munch. Three girls on the jetty
Three girls on the jetty
Edvard Munch
1903, 91.5×78.7 cm
Edvard Munch. Cleaver
Edvard Munch
1913, 130×105.5 cm
Edvard Munch. Beast
Edvard Munch
1901, 94.5×63.5 cm


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