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Edvard Munch

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Edward Munch. The Paris Nude
The Paris Nude
Edward Munch
1896, 80.5×60.5 cm
Edward Munch. Despair
Edward Munch
1892, 92×67 cm
Edward Munch. Anxiety
Edward Munch
1894, 94×74 cm
Edward Munch. Self-portrait in a raincoat and hat
Self-portrait in a raincoat and hat
Edward Munch
1915, 190×114 cm
Edward Munch. Female portrait
Female portrait
Edward Munch. Cupid and Psyche
Cupid and Psyche
Edward Munch
1907, 119.5×99 cm
Edward Munch. Next day
Next day
Edward Munch
1895, 115×152 cm
Edward Munch. Nude I
Nude I
Edward Munch
1913, 50×100 cm
Edward Munch. Jealousy
Edward Munch
1895, 67×100 cm
Edward Munch. The first snow
The first snow
Edward Munch
1906, 80×100 cm
Edward Munch. Self-portrait beneath a female mask
Self-portrait beneath a female mask
Edward Munch
1892, 69×43.5 cm
Edward Munch. Moonlight on the shore
Moonlight on the shore
Edward Munch
1892, 62.5×96 cm
Edward Munch. Hands
Edward Munch
1893, 91×77 cm
Edward Munch. Killer
Edward Munch
1910, 94.5×154 cm
Edward Munch. Nude brunette and blonde
Nude brunette and blonde
Edward Munch. On waves of love
On waves of love
Edward Munch
1896, 22 cm
Edward Munch. The girl on the beach
The girl on the beach
Edward Munch
1896, 288×219 cm
Edward Munch. Girls on a bridge
Girls on a bridge
Edward Munch
1902, 101×102.5 cm


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