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Elena Viktorovna Nastyuk
Kiev, Ukraine, Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast, 56 year collector
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Журналист. Много лет работала в общественно-политической газете "Киевский Телеграф" в отделе "Культура и общество". Достаточно хорошо знакома с артовской ситуац
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Hieronymus Bosch. Concert in the egg
Concert in the egg
Hieronymus Bosch
1480, 108.5×126.5 cm
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On August 3rd, two overall category winners of The World Illustration Awards 2017 have been announced at a prestigious ceremony at Somerset House. It is an Italian illustrator Marco Palena as a New Talent and a Dutch artist Aart-Jan Venema in Professional Illustration category. This year it was the Association of Illustrators and Directory of Illustration who announced the 40th World…

Aleksandr Botvinov
, 29 July 2017 12:13 PM 0
Original   Auto-Translated
Архивариусы,чего кометы не оставляете? Иллюстраторы и обидятся могут
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Franz van Miris the Elder. A boy blows soap bubbles
Ivan Semenovich Chuikov. Window
Ivan Semenovich Chuikov. Window
Ivan Semenovich Chuikov. Window
Ivan Semenovich Chuikov. Window
Elena Nastyuk
added 3 artworks Wilhelm Hammerschey to the selection Window
Wilhelm Hammerschey. Interior with two candles
Wilhelm Hammerschey. Interior. Stranded, 30
Wilhelm Hammerschey. The interior of Stranded with a ray of sunshine on the floor
Elena Nastyuk
added 2 artworks Hans Memling and 4 artworks Raphael Santi to the selection Window
Hans Memling. Portrait of a young woman
Hans Memling. Martin van Nieuwenhove
Raphael Santi. Portrait of Giuliano de ' Medici, Duke of Nemours
Raphael Santi. The Madonna of the carnation
Raphael Santi. Portrait of a young man in red
Raphael Santi. Portrait Of Perugino
Elena Nastyuk
added 3 artworks Raphael Santi to the selection Window
Raphael Santi. Gvidobaldo Montefeltro
Raphael Santi. Aldobrandini Madonna (Madonna Lord Garvagh)
Raphael Santi. Portrait Elisabetta Gonzaga
Elena Nastyuk
added работу Midday love Andrew Wyeth to the selection Window
Andrew Wyeth. Midday love
Midday love
Andrew Wyeth
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