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41 years old
Ivan Aivazovsky. Fishermen on the seashore
10-year-old Myroslava shares her impressions from the "Fishermen on the seashore" by Ivan Aivazovsky:
— It's only now that I love pictures of the sea. This is because I want to go to the seaside! Aivazovsky painted the most beautiful sea. That's what I think. I look at his "Fishermen on the seashore", and I like everything here! And the water is so beautiful that I would love to dive in there... and the clouds above the water... and the fishermen. My dad likes to go fishing, so he would have liked it. And my mother is about to have her holiday only in August. And she says to me: "You'd better look at Aivazovsky's "Ninth Wave". And she laughs. And I keep on looking at the picture . And I still like it! And I still want to go to the sea!
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