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Nertik Polina
Nertik Polina
Saint Petersburg, Russia, 22 years old
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Egon Schiele. Portrait Of Johann Harms
Portrait Of Johann Harms
Egon Schiele
1916, 137.2×106.7 cm
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Egon Schiele. Plum tree
Egon Schiele. House with a wall and a fence in the hills
Egon Schiele. Sitting Nude
Egon Schiele. Portrait of Erwin von Graff
Egon Schiele. Bedroom Schiele in Neulengbach
Egon Schiele. Lirik
Egon Schiele. The facade of the house (Windows)
Egon Schiele. Bridge
Egon Schiele. Reclining Nude
Egon Schiele. Girl on her knees, leaning on his elbows
Egon Schiele
Sitting child
Seated woman
Portrait of albert Paris von gütersloh
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