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Irina Olikh
Kiev, Ukraine, Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast, 40 years collector
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        Alexander Aksinin. June-July. From the cycle "Two months"
        June-July. From the cycle "Two months"
        Alexander Aksinin
        1983, 14.8×6.5 cm
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        Irina Olikh
        добавила 16 artworks Alexander Aksinin to the collection Ukrainian graphics
        Alexander Aksinin. April. From the series "Months. East"
        Alexander Aksinin. Mail-Art. Aks-Art. The signs of the zodiac
        Alexander Aksinin. Wei-Chi. Bookplate Bogdan Mikulickova
        Alexander Aksinin. Coil
        Alexander Aksinin. Bookplate Valerie Slavnikova
        Alexander Aksinin. The Buddha's Feet. Ex Libris Of Boris Left
        Alexander Aksinin. Bookplate Igor Vvedensky
        Alexander Aksinin. The parable of life and death
        Alexander Aksinin. March (March 8). Sheet 1 of the series "Months"
        Alexander Aksinin. March (March 8)
        Alexander Aksinin. The good news. Bookplate Christiane Celle.
        Alexander Aksinin. Apocalypse
        Alexander Aksinin. Bookplate Of Victor Voldemarovna
        Alexander Aksinin. Bookplate Of A. Strumillo. Starry language of Velimir Khlebnikov
        Alexander Aksinin. Bookplate Helicus (Dedication Angeline Burakovsky)
        Alexander Aksinin. And to paraphrase a Great Decision. Sheet 2 of the series "Paraphrase VII"
        Irina Olikh
        добавила 2 artworks Oleg Denisenko to the collection Ukrainian graphics
        Oleg Denisenko. Music
        Oleg Denisenko. The last knight
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