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The Association of South Russian artists

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Petr Alexandrovich Nilus (Slovetsky). On the bridge
On the bridge
Solomon Yakovlevich Kishinevsky. The shopkeeper
The shopkeeper
Solomon Yakovlevich Kishinevsky. The petition
The petition
Ivan Pavlovich Pohitonov. The entrance to Yasnaya Polyana
The entrance to Yasnaya Polyana
Ivan Pavlovich Pohitonov
1905, 23×15.3 cm
Ivan Pavlovich Pohitonov. On the beach
On the beach
Ivan Pavlovich Pohitonov
XX century, 32.6×18.9 cm
Ivan Pavlovich Pohitonov. Spring
Ivan Pavlovich Pohitonov
1888, 26.5×18 cm
Ivan Pavlovich Pohitonov. Landscape with a windmill
Landscape with a windmill
Ivan Pavlovich Pohitonov
XX century, 16.5×10.5 cm
Ivan Pavlovich Pohitonov. In the fields. France
In the fields. France
Ivan Pavlovich Pohitonov
1882, 28.5×16 cm
Alexander Nikolaevich Stilianudi. Fountain
Alexander Nikolaevich Stilianudi
XX century, 29.5×19.5 cm
Alexander Nikolaevich Stilianudi. Still life with self portrait
Still life with self portrait
Alexander Nikolaevich Stilianudi
1887, 32.7×41.5 cm
Nikolay Lvovich Skadovsky. Before the concert
Before the concert
Nikolay Lvovich Skadovsky
1889, 18×25 cm
Afanasy Prokopievich Razmaritsyn. The lower court of the land
The lower court of the land
Gennady Aleksandrovich Ladyzhensky. Hadzhibey
Tit Yakovlevich Dvornikov. Lilac blossoms
Lilac blossoms
Tit Yakovlevich Dvornikov
XX century, 88×66 cm
Tit Yakovlevich Dvornikov. Autumn snow
Autumn snow
Tit Yakovlevich Dvornikov
XX century, 97×63 cm
Tit Yakovlevich Dvornikov. The courtyard of the Museum
The courtyard of the Museum
Tit Yakovlevich Dvornikov
XX century, 89×66 cm
Gerasim Semenovich Golovkov. Fishing boats in the harbour
Fishing boats in the harbour
Gerasim Semenovich Golovkov
XX century, 35.6×26 cm
Gerasim Semenovich Golovkov. In the summer
In the summer
Gerasim Semenovich Golovkov
XX century, 46×60 cm
Eugene Iosifovich Bukovetsky. Female portrait in the interior
Female portrait in the interior
Eugene Iosifovich Bukovetsky
1925, 98×79.5 cm
Eugene Iosifovich Bukovetsky. Near the window
Near the window
Eugene Iosifovich Bukovetsky
1920-th , 94×71 cm


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