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Symbolism - a mysterious innuendo

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Ferdinand Hodler. Sacred time
Sacred time
Ferdinand Hodler. Elected
Ferdinand Hodler
1903, 222×298 cm
Gaetano Previati. Dance time
Dance time
Gaetano Previati
1899, 200×134 cm
Gaetano Previati. Madonna with lilies
Madonna with lilies
Gaetano Previati
XX century, 137×113 cm
Gustave Moreau. Inspiration
Gustave Moreau
1893, 29.9×23 cm
Hawkins. Song of songs
Song of songs
George Frederick Watts. Paolo and Francesca
Paolo and Francesca
George Frederick Watts
1875, 152×129 cm
Giovanni Segantini. Evil mother
Evil mother
Giovanni Segantini
200×105 cm
Giovanni Segantini. The angel of life
The angel of life
Pierre Cecil Puvi de Chavannes. Red-haired beauty
Red-haired beauty
Pierre Cecil Puvi de Chavannes. The sacred wood, cherished by the arts and the muses
The sacred wood, cherished by the arts and the muses
Pierre Cecil Puvi de Chavannes
1889, 292×221 cm
Pierre Cecil Puvi de Chavannes. Death and girl
Death and girl
Mikhail Vasilyevich Nesterov. Great vows
Great vows
Mikhail Vasilyevich Nesterov
1898, 178×195 cm


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