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Peter Max. Opening
Peter Max
XX century
Heinz Edelmann. Fantastic creatures
Fantastic creatures
Heinz Edelmann
XX century
Michael Turner. Storm on the sea
Storm on the sea
Heinz Edelmann. Poster for Yellow Submarine
Poster for Yellow Submarine
Heinz Edelmann
XX century
Heinz Edelmann. The Beatles
The Beatles
Heinz Edelmann
XX century
Pavel Andreevich Fedotov. Consequence of the death of Fidelka
Consequence of the death of Fidelka
Pavel Andreevich Fedotov
1844, 31×47 cm
Svyatoslav Teofilovich Richter. Bear balloon
Bear balloon
Pablo Picasso. Crazy
Pablo Picasso
1900, 14.1×10.2 cm
Gino Severini. A milliner
A milliner
Wassily Kandinsky. Moscow II
Moscow II
Wassily Kandinsky
1916, 52.8×38 cm
Gino Severini. Abstract rhythm of Mrs. M. S.
Abstract rhythm of Mrs. M. S.
Edgar Degas. Four dancers
Four dancers
Edgar Degas
1903, 84×73 cm
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. In Bed, the Kiss
In Bed, the Kiss
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
1892, 38×59 cm
Henri Matisse. Odalisque in a black armchair
Odalisque in a black armchair
Henri Matisse
1942, 66×80 cm
Claude Monet. Vase with peonies
Vase with peonies
Claude Monet
1882, 100×81 cm
Claude Monet. Pier
Claude Monet
1871, 54×73.5 cm
Claude Monet. The Grand canal in Venice
The Grand canal in Venice
Claude Monet
1908, 74×92 cm
Claude Monet. Poplars at Giverny, sunrise
Poplars at Giverny, sunrise
Claude Monet
1887, 74×92.7 cm
John Henry Twachtman. The old "Holly house"
The old "Holly house"
John Henry Twachtman
1901, 63×64 cm
Valentine Gubarev. The plot №2
The plot №2
Valentine Gubarev
XXI century


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